Speaking Engagements

I deliver talks and presentations at international conferences.


I deliver a range of workshops designed to enhance and develop auxiliary skills for professionals.

Business Services

I work with you to co-create the right strategy to strengthen your commercial outcomes, always tailored to your specific needs and goals.


“Anna has helped improved my confidence in presentations and communications in general. The 1:1 sessions unraveled the source of my tendency to speak softly, and provided me with the necessary techniques to bring my presentations to the next level. I can only speak good things about the 1:1 sessions with Anna.”

Participant, Individual Presentation Skills Sessions

“I heard your interview on Radio National a couple of weeks ago…have just downloaded your very practical book: Fantastic!”


Heather Douglas

“It is obvious Anna is an expert in public presentations and that she was also good at conveying advice in a positive way.”

Participant, Presentation Skills Workshop

”Having just finished a challenging degree course and aspiring to pursue avenues to help other mature age people re-energise their vocation, your hints and tips have given me sustenance to be more helpful in practical and meaningful terms… Thanks again Anna and hope you continue to lead the way.”

– Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson

“Anna takes care to listen to the person, understand the problems and highlight them, and provide solutions to them. I heard from several people that they enjoyed the sessions with Anna because they got something out of the sessions.  Several people had multiple sessions, even those who initially thought they only needed one session. The workshop was well rated by people who participated. ”

– Participant, Individual Presentation Skills Sessions

Participant, Individual Presentation Skills Sessions