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Harrison, A. (2014). From Scholar to Dollar (in 15 simple steps). eBook.

Harrison, A. (2015) Principles of experience design for airport terminal. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.

Gomez, R. & Harrison, A (2014) Beyond Wearables : Experiences and Trends in Design of Portable Medical Devices. In Marcus, Aaron (Ed.) Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience Design Practice. Springer International Publishing, pp. 261-272.


Kirk, P, Harrison, A, Popovic, V, & Kraal, B. (2014). Deconstructing expected passenger experience in airports. Paper presented at the Design Research Societies Conference 2014, Umea, Sweden.

Harrison, A, Popovic, V, & Kraal, B. (2014). The future passenger experience: A shift from physical to virtual design. Paper presented at the Kansei Engineering and Emotional Research International Conference, Linkoping, Sweden.

Gomez, R, & Harrison, A. (2014). Beyond wearables: Trends in experience and design of portable medical devices. Paper presented at the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Crete, Greece.

Harrison, A. (2013). Aviation IT forecast: Cloudy with a chance of data. Paper presented at Aviation IT Conference, London, UK.

Harrison, A. (2013). Bigger is not better: A new approach to terminal designPaper presented at the Passenger Terminal Conference, Geneva, Switzerland.

Harrison, A, Popovic, V, & Kraal, B. (2013). A Kansei approach to terminal design. Paper presented at the International Association of Societies of Design Research 2013, Tokyo, Japan.

Harrison, A, Popovic, V, Kraal, B, & Kleinschmidt, T. (2012). Challenges in passenger terminal design: A conceptual model of passenger experience. Paper presented at the Design Research Societies Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.

Harrison, J. V., & Andrusiewicz, A. (2004). A virtual marketplace for advertising narrowcast over digital signage networks. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications Journal.

Harrison, J. V., & Andrusiewicz, A. (2004). Using wireless networks to enhance narrowcasting in public spaces. Paper presented at the 2004 Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, Las Vegas, USA.

Harrison, J. V., & Andrusiewicz, A. (2003). An emerging marketplace for digital advertising based on amalgamated digital signage networks. Paper presented at E-Commerce, 2003, Newport Beach, USA.

Harrison, J. V., & Andrusiewicz, A. (2003). Enhancing digital advertising using dynamically configurable multimedia. Paper presented at the 2003 International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, Baltimore, USA.

Harrison, J., Ming Lim, W., Andrusiewicz, A., & Berglas, A. (1999). Evaluation of the ITOC information system design recovery tool: a case studyJournal of Systems and Software.

Andrusiewicz, A., & Orlowska, M. E. (1997). On data granularity factors that affect data mining. Paper presented at the 8th International Database Workshop, Hong Kong.


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