Michael Nelson

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”Having just finished a challenging degree course and aspiring to pursue avenues to help other mature age people re-energise their vocation, your hints and tips have given me sustenance to be more helpful in practical and meaningful terms… Thanks again Anna and hope you continue to lead the way.” – Michael Nelson

John R.

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”I heard your presentation on the ABC and downloaded your eBook. I enjoyed the book and in many ways it emphasizedsome of my core attitudes and shed new light on others… The 100 word elevator pitch is an excellent suggestion… Thanks for your pearls of advice.” – John R.

Design’s Mid-Life Crisis

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The real value of Design training transcends the ability to incrementally refine the shape of staplers, orange juicers and the myriad of objects owned by the world’s “10%” This week, I have been at the Design Research Society’s 2014 conference in Umeå, Sweden. There were some outstanding presentations from an international audience “pushing the boundaries of […]

Paul Dusman

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“Anna is an intelligent, tenacious and innovative professional.  Her solutions are as creative as they are practical and uncomplicated.  I recommend Anna to anyone with a business challenge that surpasses the usual and the conventional.” — Paul Dusman, Executive Director, Unisys