TinyMCE + Ephox

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  UX Design Lead, TinyMCE.com + Ephox.com Brisbane, Australia and Palo Alto, California (2016-current) In this role, I am tasked with establishing a design-led culture in a very established area of IT (WYSIWYG editing). The role has been challenging, but has already had tangible payoffs. The fresh, design-led have generated two standout successes: (1) cognitive enabled extensions to the […]


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Founder, SMartE.technology Brisbane, Australia (2014-2015) As part of my role as a co-founder at North Shore Labs, I was responsible for the design of the user experience for the SMartE.technology product line. The key challenges in the role involved the profiling and testing of a unique product offering to an untested target market. The implementation of a […]


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Co-Founder, Harrison&Burt Planned launch February 2016 Harrison&Burt is a joint venture with award-winning academic and film maker Malcolm Burt. Our purpose and passion is to bridge the chasm between academia and industry by leveraging advertising and marketing principles, and applying these to the creation of individual brand strategies for Academics.  Enhanced skills development programs have been recognised […]


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Communications and Presentation Strategy, Oracle Labs Brisbane, Australia (ongoing) Oracle Labs in Brisbane is a powerhouse of R&D and innovation. Led by Dr Cristina Cifuentes, the team in Brisbane is leading Oracle’s foray into identifying and prototyping new technologies that have the potential to substantially improve Oracle’s business. As part of my role, I provide focused and […]


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Passenger Behaviour and Strategy, TravelersBox Istanbul, Turkey (2014) TravelersBox is a technology startup that is revolutionising how passengers in airports relate to leftover currency. By developing a kiosk-like product offering, TravelersBox enables passengers to utilise perviously wasted change for either personal or charitable use. Part of the challenge faced by TravelersBox was in optimising the placement of the […]

NICTA Australia

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Product and Strategy Development, NICTA Brisbane, Australia (2013-2015) NICTA is Australia’s largest ICT research organisation, focussed on addressing challenges in the industry through the development innovative, technology focussed solutions. One of the key projects at NICTA Queensland, dubbed “BizFit”, involved finding ways that technology could be leveraged to have large scale impact on the Australian economy. As […]

Principles of Experience Design for Airport Terminals

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PhD in Design, Queensland University of TechnologyBrisbane, Australia (2011-2015) The Aviation industry has undergone tremendous changes since the inception of commercial air travel in the early 1960’s. Today, almost half of the world’s population travels by air each year. Despite this enormous volume of passenger traffic, airport terminals have reported surprisingly low profitability for the last several […]

From Scholar to Dollar

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eBook: From Scholar to Dollar (in 15 simple steps)Anna Harrison, 2014 *Over 2000 downloads From Scholar to Dollar provides a practical guide to developing the auxiliary skills needed to make a successful transition from scholar to post degree success. In the last few years, there has been much talk of the diminishing value of higher education. […]

Residential Design by Anna Harrison

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Design Practice, Residential Design by Anna Harrison Australia, BSA Licence 1168464 (Established 2006) Many people assume that residential design work is about drawing houses. In reality, the architecting component of the work is secondary: the primary challenge with residential projects is the ability to connect with the dreams and desired identity of your clients. The success of […]

Large Scale Conceptual Modelling

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Conceptual Modelling, TririgaLas Vegas, USA (2003) The scale of the hotel and casino developments on The Strip in Las Vegas is staggering. Many of the new developments have a design to cradle life cycle that spans decades and billions of dollars. The management of assets during this life cycle is a complex task: how do you replace […]